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Christy Jordan-Fenton


In a former life Christy Jordan-Fenton has been an Infantry soldier, a bareback bronc rider, and a survivalist, among other things. She has lived in the US, Australia and South Africa. She now calls the Treaty 8 Territory of the Dane-zaa, in North-Eastern British Colombia, home.

She is an award winning author who has written about her mother-in-law’s residential school experiences (Fatty Legs, A Stranger at Home), as well as her own experiences as the child of a residential school survivor. She is passionate about fostering perspectives of decolonized thought that focus on resilience, reclaiming cultural identity, healing through stories, and how to put reconciliation into meaningful action. She is devoted to traditional ceremonies, is a proud mother, an indigenous rights activist, and a land defender who actively participated in the Rocky Mountain Fort Camp to defend traditional indigenous territory against corporate corruption.


Her work has appeared in Water-Stone Review, Quills, Prairie Fire, Jones Ave, and on the Best American Poetry Blog.

Christy is currently working to form a global storytelling initiative to facilitate healing, positive self-identity, and cultural reclamation, along with education, reconciliation, the promotion of human rights, peace, and empathy. If you are interested in knowing more, or how to be involved, please contact:

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